A double-glazed window or door is made of two glass layers. An inert gas is filled within the space between the two panes. Alternatively, a vacuum may be left within this space. The development of double glazing was mainly to provide better insulation within houses. Learn how it works here

double glazing


The following 7 benefits can be realised from double glazing:

  1. Better Insulation

The idea behind the development of Double Glazing Newcastle was to provide insulation. These windows provide better barriers to the elements. This helps to reduce heat transfer from within your house. Heat is retained within the house. It is not lost to the cold air outside. Extreme heat from outside is also locked out during extremely hot months. This makes sure that you can enjoy your stay at home during summers and winters.

  1. Noise Reduction

There are times when windows let in even the slightest of noises. Double glazing helps to deal with this problem. Much better insulation against noise is provided by these windows. This come in handy when you live in a noisy neighbourhood or close to a busy road. With double glazing you can now have a peaceful and quiet environment. Conversations and music from within are also blocked from going outside ensuring you can enjoy your time while at home without getting complaints from your neighbours.

  1. Increased Security

Breaking into double glazed windows is much harder as compared to single glazed windows. They are very difficult to open from the outside. Burglars will find it much harder to get into your house. These windows ensure that you can rest easy knowing that it is hard for anyone to break into your place.


  1. Reduced Energy Bills

With today’s crazy energy costs this is more important than ever. Double glazing ensures that your house retains heat for the colder nights that was gained during the day. You will only need to turn on heaters for shorter periods during winter due to the insulation. There will also be less need for you to turn on your air conditioner during the hot summer months as long as you keep your windows shaded. Keeping out the sun rays and heat helps your house to remain cooler.


  1. It’s Eco-friendly

Double glazing helps to reduce energy consumption. This is important for the environment. There is less usage of fossil fuels when we embark on the use of double-glazed windows.


  1. Easy Maintenance

Double glazed windows are easy to clean and so are the Upvc frames ensuring that the windows last for long. Cleaning any dust that builds upon the windows often to do away with any discoloration. Condensation should also be wiped off to avoid abrasion and rotting of the frames.


  1. Increased Property Value

It is comfortable to live in a house with double glazed windows and looks far more appealing. Potential buyers are attracted by such a house in comparison with a house that has single glazed windows. When it comes to selling your house, you can strike a better deal because of its increased value.



In short: Double glazing has immense benefits. It provides insulation for houses ensuring that heat is retained within the house. Security is also heightened by using double glazed windows. Energy consumption is reduced by the use of these widows. This translates to lower bills. You can also be able to increase the value of your property by double glazing. Employing this technology to the doors and windows of your house can enable you to reap many benefits.

Homeowners should consider double glazing to make sure that they enjoy the benefits it comes with.